North Avoca, New South Wales

I was recently treated by the GF to a spontaneous weekend away up the coast.

We whisked ourselves off, after a couple of very busy weeks, to North Avoca on New South Wales’s Central Coast. There we stayed at a gorgeous Airbnb apartment that boasted a pool and panoramic sea views, plus a tasty cheese board, fresh fruit platter and sparkling wine on arrival. It was bliss.

Avoca Beach stretches 2km (1.2 miles) along the coast, pretty much coming up to our back door. We were literally a hop, skip and jump down palm-lined rocky steps to the beach, and spent our weekend lounging in too-hot sun, salt and sea air. A splash in our hosts’ pool below the apartment was the perfect antidote to too many rays and we were soon back up in our comfortable apartment, ready to wash off in the magnificent freestanding bath.

Evening meals were spent on the balcony looking out to the horizon, telling each other yarns and reflecting on recent weeks of work and play.

We were only 100km (62 miles) away from our home back in Sydney, but the was truly far enough for us to feel utterly refreshed and ready for the working week ahead.


All words and photographs: Rosie Pentreath

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  1. Hi Rosie. Love reading your updates. Photos as usual are outstanding. Thank you!
    Regards, Julie @ the bush hut in Brooman


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